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Description:Take 4 cups of wheat flour in a bowl and add salt, sugar,milk,two tea spoon oil.Slowly add water while kneading the wheat flour.It should be soft and slightly sticky,should be able to peel it off your hands.Let the dough rest for 1/2 hour.Mix two spoon oil and ghee in a small bowl.Divide the dough in to small ball doughs.Take one ball dough , lightly dust the rolling surface with wheat flour and roll with roti roller round or square shape. Apply oil, ghee mixer to the upper surface of flatted dough and fold inside make it square shape.Again lightly dust the dough with wheat floor and roll it flatted square shape.Heat roti pan for 2 minutes and cook the paratha for 1 minute turn it and cook further one minute.Apply oil ghee mixture one side surface cook for 1/2 minute turn it do the same.Paratha is ready to serve. serve with egg onion fry or any vegetable curry.
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